My name is Marcel, and I am a style-conscious guy who is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started blogging since I was in high school but never really got into it because I spent my time doing something else. But lately, I finally realized that writing is an outlet to express my passion for all the things that are worth talking about. Caught in The Middle is a blog about my own personal style, travel stories, and thoughts on the current issue which I find interesting.

Short story about my interest in fashion, I became interested in the topic in the middle of my university years, where for years I’ve struggled with determining the proper fits and styles that work for me. There’s not exactly a Men’s Style 101 class you can take! To this day, I am still continually finding ways to improve my style and to make it more interesting. Fashion to me is a form of art that all of us regularly engage in. Every morning, each one of us decides what to wear where to some, it would take about 15-30 minutes whereas, for me, it would take more than 30 minutes for me to choose what to wear every day. I've always believed that your daily look is a masterpiece that you and only you can pull off. 

Thank you so much for visiting this blog, and I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions you have for me!


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